We are proudly presenting our latest game Dream Gym! 
Our newly loved fitness empire game available on iPhones, iPads and soon on Android devices.

You can create your own fitness empire, where you are bombarded with clients and top-notch 3D animation. We will be releasing some very exciting features in future updates too. We are so very excited to present to you this game and we hope you love our game as much as we do!

It happened! Update to the Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter for iPhone and iPad has been approved by Apple and is now available for download.

Briefly about what's inside: there are four new dinosaurs; the game has been completely translated to Spanish, German and French; Camera mode is now available and Plus+ is substituted with Game Center. 

Read more on our blog or, if you still don't have the game,  get it now

Great news! Carnivores: Ice Age has just been released on Amazon Market. All Kindle models, including your new shiny Kindles HD are supported. How fast can you get the yeti? The basic version of the game is FREE. Get here  and share with your friends. Happy Hunting!

Hunters, rejoice! Now you can play Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter on big screen. Our friends Vogster Online have brought the game to your Play Station 3. Classic dinosaur hunting Carnivores style but with ALL NEW graphics! Fill your living room with roars! Get Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD here .

In this new puzzle game from Tatem and Appevo teams, you are solving brain-tickling puzzles by guiding the light to rescue a beaver-scientist. Blow up exit doors, burn down ropes, throw boxes on mines - explosion fun guaranteed! Get the game now and tell us what you think about it!


 iPhone, iPod Touch