Hunters, rejoice! Now you can play Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter on big screen. Our friends Vogster Online have brought the game to your Play Station 3. Classic dinosaur hunting Carnivores style but with ALL NEW graphics! Fill your living room with roars! Get Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD here .

Pick'n'Chew has just received an amazing update: new cool Asian theme for the pleasure of your eyes. If you've had enough of feeding burgers to children, try satisfying an even more demanding crowd of pandas and other creatures from the mysterious East. The game is still free, get it now!

Great news! Carnivores: Ice Age has just been released on Amazon Market. All Kindle models, including your new shiny Kindles HD are supported. How fast can you get the yeti? The basic version of the game is FREE. Get here  and share with your friends. Happy Hunting!

Big update has just landed on Google Play! There's a brand new map unseen before, at the moment exclusive to Android! Also, now all the dinosaurs can be unlocked with points or by watching sponsor ads. Get the game  now, it's never been more accessible!