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    Tatem Games is happy to announce that our flagman ship of games, Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter has made it onto Android devices!

    Any device running Android 2.1 and up will support the realistic prehistoric hunting experience that you are by now very well aware of. Get the basic maps and least dangerous animals for free on Google Play or Amazon . For Android tablets, get HD version on Google Play and Amazon Kindle Fire version. We hope you enjoy the game! Rate, review and tell your friends if you do - it will help us make sure we're moving in the right direction!


  • Drt Cee - Jul 04
    Thank you for making this game available on the amazon app store! Will Carnivores: Ice Age be available for the amazon app store soon?
  • Ivan Pogodichev - Jul 02
  • Hugo Mota - Jun 26
    You are amazing, Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter was perfect, congratulations! gained a fan^^
  • Nicholas Kopp - Jun 23
    Hi I'm a big fan of your carnivores:dinosaur hunter game. I just wanted to ask if the new updates on the Apple products will be coming to android. If so that would be awesome! Thank you for reading this.
  • Nicholas Goh - Jun 22
    Hi, I have been experiencing a problem with carnivores dinohunter . I have already downloaded the game and ready to play, however, whenever I click onto the game, I can't start? It just goes back into my home screen? Please fix this problem. Or tell me what's wrong
  • Nadia Sydorenko - Jun 18
    Hurray finally