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    It happened! Update to the Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter for iPhone and iPad has been approved by Apple and is now available for download .

    Briefly about what's inside: there are four new dinosaurs; the game has been completely translated to Spanish, German and French; Camera mode is now available and Plus+ is substituted with Game Center.

    Please mind that we don't speak neither of the languages listed above so if there are mistakes in translation to your native language, feel free to send us the correct way of saying something to

    Now, if you are wondering why there are only four dinosaurs. The other four were causing serious bugs and took a long time to insert. We know that you've been waiting for the update for a long time so we thought we could release the version as it works now and add the other four soon. It will take us about 3-4 weeks more. Thank you for understanding!

    Now, stop reading. Oviraptor is waiting. 



  • Benton Uong - Jul 06
    Add giganatosaurus, acrocanthasaurus, more sauropods, aquatic life like elasmosaurus deinosuchus, and some fire arms such as the revolver and some automatics. Pleez and thank you:)
  • Nicholas Kopp - Jun 24
    Will android receive the update?
  • Nicholas Goh - Jun 24
    Is it te software problem?
  • Matt Collins - Jun 23
    The update doesn't work. It just comes up with the Tatem trade name and then dissapeared. FIX IT, coz ur rating have gone to 2 and a half stars.
  • Nicholas Goh - Jun 22
    At least tell. E what's wrong, maybe I have to wait or what, that's its ok.
  • Nicholas Goh - Jun 22
    I HAVE AlREADY DOWNLOADED it, but, Whenever I click the app, it won't let me go in!! So frustrating. It just jumps back to home screen. money is spent here. Ok?!
  • Eden Ho - Jun 21
    The dinosaurs run in my iPhone but not in my iPad... Maybe the lands are bigger in the pad than the phone.... LOLLLLLLL HELP!!!!!!!!
  • Jimmy Bong - Jun 21
    App is not running after the latest update.... :(
  • Eden Ho - Jun 20
    Just update the app Game auto shut off upon loading page.. I am using iPad 2 with the latest iSO.