• 12


    Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas! Thank you for staying with us throughout this year. May you have warm celebrations with friends and family and may the New Year bring you happiness and success!

  • 07


    Happy Independence Day!

    Congratulations to all Americans who are celebrating the Independence Day today. Enojy the long weekend, hopefully while playing games by Tatem! 

  • 06


    White Nights

    Our team is coming to White Nights conference in St Petersburg. Get in touch  if you are there and would like to meet!

  • 06


    Father's Day Sale

    To bring you and your dad closer this weekend, we put Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter on SALE for just $0.99 . Who is the best hunter in the family?

  • 06


    Hello, California

    Our team is at E3 and WWDC this week. If you are around LA or San Francisco, contact us  to schedule a meeting. We have exciting news for every one!

  • 05


    Pick'n'Chew updated

    New theme in Pick'n'Chew! Start feeding cutest ever pandas by downloading our free game .

  • 05


    Carnivores: Ice Age on iPhone5

    A new update is out for Carnivores: Ice Age. Read about it or trust us and get it immediately.

  • 04


    Happy Earth Day!

    Millions of years ago, the dinosaurs roamed the planet. Now, we establish skyscrapers and build islands of any shape we like. We urge you to take a minute and think about the Earth today, thank it for the life that she's granted on us, and take actions towards preserving it for future generations. Let wildlife hunting only happen in video games!

  • 03


    Happy Easter

    Dear everyone who plays Tatem Games, we'd like to wish you happy Easter! Let this bright holiday be filled with spring fun and joyous hunt for chocolate!

  • 03


    20 Million Downloads!

    We have quietly stepped over the 20'000'000 downloads mark yesterday. That's how many times our games have been downloaded all over the world. We are pretty excited but we know it's all thanks to you, dear player. We really hope you love playing the games by Tatem and we're doing our best now for you not to be disappointed with our next releases. THANK YOU!