Epic Stand

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Protect your castle from invasion! Use your powers to ward off the intruders!

You’re a kindhearted wizard living in peace and quiet ruling your land wisely and rightfully. But one day... the sky gets darker and your life-long enemy comes to your lands with his devilish hordes. This is too much! There’s no treaty, let the battle for life and death begin!

Cast spells from top of your castle on orcs, werewolves and other wicked beasts. Earn skulls on each level and strengthen your castle. Unleash magical cavalry, pour boiling lava, freeze and scare off the enemies. Use all means to oppose the villains and teach them a proper lesson.


  • ongoing castle defense experience
  • intense tapping action
  • endless tactics possibilities
  • normal, hard and survival modes
  • new enemy each level
  • various powerful spells to unlock
  • powerups earned, not purchased
  • fascinating story in comics
  • agile powerup system (rebalance "talents" for each level)
  • achievements and leaderboards powered by Game Center
  • episode 2 coming soon!

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