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Racer is a simple, fun and addictive racing game where you drive your car with a finger through the extreme highway traffic. If you always wanted to test your reaction skills and have a good fun on the road without risking life, Racer is your choice.

Rules are very simple: put your finger on the car and direct it through the traffic. Extreme and fast driving will multiply your score. There are 4 game modes to choose from: “Normal” and “Hard” are classic dodging games and “Slalom” adds the ability to collect the stars for additional scores. In the “Career” mode you have to complete 20 stages and collect a minimum required number of stars to finish each stage. New cars will be unlocked in “Career” mode only. Let’s start your driving experience and check your reaction!


  • Addicting gameplay
  • Fun game modes to play
  • Cool player cars with different control responsiveness to drive
  • Top100 Global, Local & Friends scoreboards  
  • Facebook integration (show your friends who’s the best)  
  • iPod music library access
  • Force feedback
  • In-game news
  • Free updates

Game Screenshots

Media Reviews

“…it’s a pure reaction game…..I recommend it.” – Arnold Kim, TouchArcade

“Racer doesn’t mince words. It is indeed a racing game.” – Levi Buchanan, IGN

“Racer is a beautifully designed, addictive game that will rattle your nerves worse than rush-hour traffic but keep you coming back for more.” – James Savage, Macworld (rated 4.5 out of 5)

“If you haven’t picked up Racer, we highly recommend you do. Speeding down a highway without the worry of cops has never been so much fun….” – Tim Rattray, Slide To Play

“Racer is great fun as a pick-up-and-play time killer.” – Simon Bull, News Shopper UK

“….its style alone is enough to encourage playing it. Recommended! – Jason Philo, 148Apps

“Racer is a great update of the handheld racing games. It’s also a lot better and even a lot cheaper. I think I just found the perfect fast lane!” – Bob, appVersity

“All in all, Racer is a simple game that offers everything an iPhone gamer could ever wish for. Online highscores, great graphics, and surprisingly addictive gameplay make this game a wonder.” – Daniel, NoDPad

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