The most frequently asked questions about Tatem Games and our products are answered here. General questions are at the top, followed by questions pertaining specific games. Do not hesitate to contact us if there is something you would like to know not listed here.

General inquiries:

Q: I have problems with downloading/installing the application!

A: The installation process is performed between you and AppStore so there may be problems with internet connection, memory space on your device, or some temporary technical problems. Try again a couple of times or later. If you are experiencing the same problems with other applications, it’s better to consult here: http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/

Q: The game keeps on crashing when I launch it/when I shoot a T-Rex.

A: Similar problems can be encountered if you have a lot of running applications on your device, we call it a low memory problem. Try to do “hard” reset by pressing and holding the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button simultaneously until your device shuts off and begins to restart. The hard reset will not erase memory and is absolutely safe for your device and installed applications.

Q: I uninstalled your application but I miss it, can I get it back for free?

A: Sure, if you use the same iTunes account you used when purchasing the game.

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter

Q: When will jet pack, new weapons, dinosaurs, vehicles, maps be introduced? Will you make a career mode, a tutorial play mode, a mode where you are the dino!

A: Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter is a direct port from PC version as some of you may remember. Thus, introducing new characters to the game requires extensive work on the technical side. However, we love Carnivores series and don’t plan to stop releasing games and updates on this topic. Most probably brand new features which change the game’s essence will be introduced in sequels.

Q: When is the multiplayer coming? I want dinosaurs’ interaction!

A: Restrictions to applications on iDevices make it hard to put ever more into game keeping it fast-to-load. We are working on it but to make sure your game will not slow down in multiplayer mode or if dinosaurs are smarter, we need more time.

Q: Can I sprint?

A: No, to keep your interface simple. But we gave more speed to the hunter so now he moves faster, which can be equaled to sprint mode. Additionally, you can use relocate button to move around the map via teleport.

Q: Can I prone/hide?

A: Features like scent and camouflage increase your chances not to be mentioned by a bypassing carnivore, but you can not hide completely, as it would be if you were hunting in real life.

Q: Your Dinopedia contains mistakes about the dinosaurs! Why are some of the dinosaurs so disproportionally small/big/fast?

A: The hunter who you are playing for has arrived to an unknown planet and the evolution process can remind of the one which took place on Earth, but is not identical to it.

Q: Why am I not getting points for all the dinos I’ve killed and don’t see them in my trophy room? Am I able to shoot pterodactyles?

A: You are able to shoot and kill all the moving objects in the game. However, you get points only for those you have chosen in menu. They are what you have come to the planet for, this is why only they give you more points.

Q: Why can’t I choose the weapon? The screen goes grey after I choose a dinosaur? 50 points are not enough to hunt – how do I get more?

A: Points are your virtual currency which allow you to buy licenses for maps, animals and weapon you want to play with. You earn them by killing the dinos you have chosen in pre-hunt screen but you can not pay with real money to get them. As you have earned some points in hunt mode, you can finish the game by returning to menu screen and the points you earned will be with you to let you chose more sophisticated weapon or a more dangerous animal.

Q: I don’t always understand whether I hit the dinosaur or no.

A: Your screen flashes with red light when you hit a dinosaur, and you can trace his blood when he runs away.

Q: I want to stab dinos with knife and see a lot of blood!

A: Carnivores series are strategic hunting games, not regular shooters. We are not going to include more violent scenes, letting you drive pleasure from exploration and tactics that you use to hunt rather than from seeing poor creatures dying.

Q: Is there anything like cheat codes I used to have when playing Carnivores on PC?

A: No. Mobile devices are honest.

Q: Why can’t I kill the Brachiosaurus who stands in the lake?

A: Long before you arrived to the planet, the creature has fallen into deep meditation and became immortal. You can try meditating near him and probably he reveals you a secret which he didn’t reveal to us.

iGibbets 1.0

Q: How do I switch the hard mode on/off?

A: Once you’ve completed all levels, you can try completing them on hard mode. To do this, press and hold your finger in the bottom left corner of the main menu (right below “More Games” button) for 10-15 seconds. If you’re doing it right, “hard mode activated” words will appear on your screen.